Alaska Fishing: Ketchikan Management Area (Ketchikan Roadside Fishing)map of Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan is Alaska’s first regional hub north of Seattle. The city has roughly 14,000 people and it sits on a bench on the southwestern side of Revillagigedo Island, in the Alexander Archipelago. The primary industries there are commercial fishing, fish canneries, logging and tourism. It is the first port of call along the Alaska Marine Highway system and usually sees several cruise ships a day during the summer months.

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Alaska Fishing: Ketchikan Management Area (Remote Freshwater Fishing)Ketchikan fishing map

Imagine yourself knee-deep in a crystal-clear remote Alaska lake without a single human in sight. The golden mist rises from the water as your elk-hair caddis gently touches down onto the surface film. A brook trout with flame-orange fins quickens his pace just inches below the surface. He's about to strike. Ketchikan offers fly-out fishermen tremendous freshwater fishing opportunities. There are an amazing variety of species, ranging from Alaska’s “usual suspects”; anadromous species such as salmon, Dolly Varden and steelhead, but it also extends to pristine fishing for brook trout, grayling, cutthroat and rainbow trout. The fish are as gorgeous to look at as their surroundings.

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Alaska Fishing: Ketchikan Management Area (Saltwater)ketchikan, alaska fishing map

The marine environment of the Ketchikan area is teeming with sea life of all kinds. All five species of pacific salmon ply her waters in season, together with sea-run Dolly Varden, halibut, lingcod, and several species of pelagic and non-pelagic rockfish. Shellfish include abalone, two kinds of scallops, several types of clams, three species of shrimp, three species of king crab, tanner crab and Dungeness crab. There is no lack of opportunity for a saltwater angler here.

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