About Us

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite™ is the largest website on the Internet focused exclusively on the Alaska outdoors.  Our goal is to provide information that promotes sustainable, safe, and economically valuable recreational use of the state’s resources. Whether you live in Alaska, or are visiting, you will find answers here!

 Our History

david_johnsonIt all began in 1996, with the launch of outdoorsdirectory.com, a searchable directory of Alaska outdoor-oriented businesses. Shortly after launch, a forum was added, which included separate discussion groups for Alaska Fishing, Alaska Hunting, and Alaska Boating. The original website was designed and built by David Johnson, a newly-retired Area Biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

David is well-known and respected in Alaska. During his 23-year career with the department, David worked in Bristol Bay, Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Douglas (Juneau) and Anchorage.  His last job in state service was as hunter services coordinator for the agency...a new program that he had the pleasure of launching. 

In January 2009, David moved on to other interests.

From there, Michael Strahan, who was a long-time contributor to the website, took the helm. Michael changed the name to the Alaska Outdoors Supersite, and expanded the site focus and content. The original website still live on the Internetmike1 at the old URL: outdoorsdirectory.com.  

As one of Alaska's most knowledgeable Outdoorsmen, Michael was also active in the Alaska outdoor scene as a big-game hunting guide, hunting seminar speaker and Alaska hunt consultant; as well as a published author.


Today, Alaska Outdoors Supersite/Outdoors Directory continues to operate under a team of enthusiasts who are as passionate about the outdoors as the website's founding members. We hope you enjoy your visit, our community, and learning about "everything" Alaska!

The site consists of five main components: 

Alaska Outdoors Directory

Our Directory has been a key component of the site since the beginning. The directory is your go-to for connecting with commercial operators of all kinds that cater to the Alaska outdoors community. Whether you're looking for a charterboat operator for that halibut fishing trip, a top-notch hunting guide for your dream Alaska hunting trip, a fishing tackle store, or a remote lodge, our Directory is your source.

If you have a business or service that would benefit Alaska customers, or sell Alaska products or services outside Alaska, get in touch with us to discuss listing your business in our directory.

The Forums

As one of the original community websites on the internet, our forums offer a wealth of information from people who know Alaska best.  Anyone is welcome to participate. Not a joiner? No problem! The forums consiste of more than 1.5 Million posts, and offers a powerful search tool to help you find answers to your questions. Stop by and discover information taht you are looking for.   Our members welcome your questions, too!

The Store

Offering our top picks for books, fishing tackle, hunting clothing and gear, inflatable boats, maps, and DVD materials--all related to the Alaska outdoors--our store is another wealth of information. 

The Main Site - Alaska Outdoors Supersite

Poke around the main site pages and you'll discover a wealth of information related to just about any outdoor activity you might consider for your Alaska experience.

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite™ owes its success to the community that has grown up around it.  We are deeply grateful for the partnership of the outdoors community, advertisers and website guests.


Alaska Outdoors University

A subscriber-based educational platform offering educational hunting and float hunting videos by Michael Strahan.  Offering more than 30 hours of information to help you plan and enjoy your hunt, we are proud to offer this series as a legacy to Michael Strahan. 



Most of the content on the Alaska Outdoors Supersite is free for our members. Some have expressed a desire to give something back, so we have created Supporting Member usergroup. Supporting Members are awarded additional perks in our forums area, and access to premium content in exchange of a modest annual membership fee. CLICK HERE for more details.