Alaska Lodging

Your accommodations in Alaska can be as spartan or as sumptuous as you like. There are many fine lodging opportunities around the state, designed to cater to the most discriminating tastes, and if you are interested in remote back-country travel even a tent camp can be made quite pleasant. With so many options, you don't have to settle in for the night hunkered down under a tarp in the rain.


Remote camping in Alaska

Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts

Most of the larger towns in the state offer hotel accommodation, and even those headed out to remote locations often require an overnight stay in town in order to collect last-minute purchases and to get gear in order. Even on the back-end of your expedition trip, you probably need some extra time to return rental gear, pack up and get items ready for the trip home. Of course Anchorage and Fairbanks offer locally-owned hotels ranging in quality from five-star accommodations to lower-priced budget hotels, along with many of the national chain hotels. Additionally, many other towns offer at least one hotel, and some have several.

Many Alaska towns also offer the intimacy and connection of a Bed and Breakfast community. Many travelers prefer these over hotels, as they offer local insights into activities and reliable commercial services. Check our Directory for listings.

LodgesHidden Alaska Lodge

Alaska is known for its remote lodges. Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or an extended fishing or hunting trip, a stay at an Alaska lodge can provide memories for years to come. Depending on the location, some offer amenities such as steam baths, hot springs, private cabins and chef-prepared meals. Some serve as base camps for fly-out or boat-out fishing or hunting adventures, horseback riding, ATV riding, hiking and much more. Check our Directory listings for remote lodges in Alaska.


Alaska offers hundreds of public and private cabins all over the state. Many travelers to Alaska's wilderness enjoy the comfort and security of a rustic cabin, and having a warm, dry home to come back to after a day of wilderness hiking, fishing or hunting can add an element of relaxation and comfort that can really make the trip memorable. Check our Directory for private cabin listings, and our Recreational Cabins pages for listings and reservation instructions for public cabins in Alaska.

RV Camping

If you plan to tour Alaska's road system by camper or RV, you're in luck! Many places in Alaska offer public or private campgrounds with all the hookups and amenities you need. Some of these places fill up early, so be sure to make your reservations well in advance! Reservations must be made with the land manager operating the facility.

Tent CampingCamping in Alaska under the northern lights

Numerous campgrounds are available on Alaska's road or trail system, but they frequently require reservations months in advance. Plan your trip carefully and get your reservations in early or you could miss out! Some remote fly-out locations also offer tent platforms; wooden deck structures designed to provide a solid base upon which you can secure your tent. These, too, must be reserved well in advance of your trip. Don't make the mistake of heading to the field without reservations! You may find "your spot" occupied when you get there! And in some cases, other campsite selections are very limited due to heavy brush or steep terrain. The tent platform may be the only viable option.

Remote camping is a thrill embraced by many Alaska hikers, hunters or fishermen, and the opportunities are seemingly endless. Review our Gear Pages to ensure that your equipment is "Alaska-tough"; the weather can be quite ferocious at times, and a poorly-made tent can be shredded very easily by strong winds. But good expedition-quality gear is expensive! If you're only coming to Alaska once or twice, it might make sense to rent your gear instead of purchasing it. Most areas of the state have commercial rental facilities who will not only provide the gear you need, but they'll even drop it off and pick it up at your air charter for you, eliminating the need to schlep it all yourself. Check our Directory for commercial rental outfits in your area of interest.