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This site is about the Alaska outdoors, and those of us who have experienced what Alaska has to offer know that it can be a tough, unforgiving land. But we enter it mindful of the challenges and seeking to test ourselves at times, and in so doing, to come away stronger, more assured of our abilities, and better prepared for the next time. Not everyone is so fortunate.

Six thousand miles from us, in north Burma, a group of people live off the land, travel the jungle trails, hunt and fish to feed their familes, and battle the elements just as we do, but with one critical difference. They are hunted. Hunted by the military of that country, who intend to exterminate them from the earth, every man, woman and child. While such an atrocity is beyond the experience or understanding of most of us, the Karen people live it every day. Their villages are burned, their women raped, their men killed and their children carted off as slaves. Those who survive these attacks hardly dare to rebuild their villages, because the Burmese military plants land mines among the burned-out huts in hopes of killing or disabling those who try to return. Many have died for simply returning to the place they called "home".

In comparing our situation to theirs, there is a kinship we feel. We are all people who share a passion for the outdoors; for the clean mountain air, the fresh clear streams, the fish and game to be found, and the freedom of raising a family away from city life. The Karen people are no less deserving of this freedom than we are. And although we cannot give them freedom, we can stand together with them as brothers and sisters; as kindred spirits.

Outdoors Directory is proud to endorse Free Burma Rangers as an organization worthy of our financial contributions. They have been faithful, trustworthy and very capable helpers to the Karen people for many years. We challenge our members and all readers of this site to consider supporting Free Burma Rangers when you decide to reach out and to give something back out of the abundance we have received in Alaska and elsewhere. 

To Make a Donation

If you wish to stand together with the Karen people by donating to Free Burma Rangers, please phone our office at 1 (907) 895-4919 and ask for Icebear, our office manager. We are able to receive PayPal, credit / debit payments, and checks. 100% of all donations received will go directly to Free Burma Rangers. Of course, you can always go directly to Free Burma Rangers themselves if you prefer.

Thank You.