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Alaska Gear Reviews

Choosing the right equipment and clothing for your Alaska outdoor adventure is no simple task. Today's outdoor enthusiast faces a bewildering array of gear that sometimes makes it nearly impossible to decide what fits the situation you are gearing up for.

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Our gear review pages are designed to help you wade through the hype and advertising glitz in order to make intelligent decisions on what works, and what's going to likely end up broken or tossed aside later. 

About Our ReviewersSteve testing the Kelly Kettle

Our gear reviewers are carefully chosen among the Alaska outdoor community, for their outdoors involvement, general gear knowledge or specialty, and sometimes-brutal honesty. We look for folks who have a particular interesting the field they are reviewing (camping gear, tents, inflatable boats, etc.), and we ask them to test the equipment in field conditions and report on their findings. Here, you'll get straight talk about what works and what doesn't, from qualified users. 

The Products

We review both new and established products that we believe are of interest to folks who are hunting, fishing or in some way experiencing the Alaska outdoors. Our list of reviews is growing, and you can find a list of the categories on the left-hand side of the page in our Gear Review Menu.

The Testing Process

Most of our tests are conducted in actual field conditions similar to what you would encounter yourself when actually using the gear. We believe this kind of testing is vastly superior to laboratory testing or amateur backyard tests. 

Where are our Gear Reviews?

All our gear reviews are currently listed in the menu to the left-hand side of the page. Check back often, as we are adding new reviews all the time.