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The Alaska Outdoors Supersite relies heavily on photographs to communicate our message about Alaska. Many of these images have been shared with us by commercial and semi-professional photographers who love Alaska and want to share its beauty. This page features these individuals; we hope that if you are in the market for quality Alaska outdoor images or photography work that you will contact any of these outstanding photographers.

Sam Amato

amatoMy love of photography started with an old Kodak disc camera I received for Christmas in 1984. I eventually moved on to 35mm film and haven't stopped taking pictures since. Over the years I've documented my life and the events around me. A friend and I regularly went out taking pictures of Rosevelt elk in Washington State. I moved to Alaska in 1997, and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Great Land had me taking even more pictures. Digital cameras came out and I bought one, which I later upgraded in my search for the perfect tools for taking good pictures. I continued upgrading with the addition of new and specialized lenses. Photography is my passion and I am always looking for the perfect shot or planning the next one. I embrace learning to achieve perfection with every snap of the shutter. I hope you experience my photos the way I see them when I look through the viewfinder.

Examples of Sam's work and his contact information can be found below.

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Cecil Sanders

Cecil and Anne SandersCecil and his wife Anne live part-time in Alaska's Mat-Su valley, and part-time in their home state of Georgia. His passion is to capture God's beautiful creation and share it for all to see. Their future plans are to move to various regions of the U.S. and experience life in a new way. They truly enjoy traveling the world and gaining new perspectives of people and their lands.

Examples of Cecil's work and his contact information can be found below.

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Cory Kittle

kittleCory has recently retired from the Air Force, and lives with his wife and children in Eagle River, Alaska. He is an award-winning nature photographer with extensive experience in the field, and is also a photography instructor. He plans to retire and teach photography classes, while continuing to expand his commercial portfolio of wildlife and outdoor photography.

Examples of Cory's work and his contact information can be found below.

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Tracey Harmon

Tracey HarmonTracey and Kim Harmon live in Anchorage, where Tracey works full-time for Marita Sea & Ski / Alaska Power Sports. He devotes a good portion of his free time to outdoor and nature photography. His photographic expeditions have taken him all the way to Alaska's North Slope and even the island of Adak. He takes at least one trip a year in order to pursue outdoor photographic interests, and has traveled to as far away as New Zealand.

Examples of Tracey's work and his contact information can be found below.

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Chin Kit Lai

Chin KitChin Kit is an international photographer who lives and works in South East Asia, but he loves to travel, meet new people and experience new things. He enjoys photographing people / street scenes as well as scenerey / landscape photography. He's just started photography in the digital era and is now using the new mirrorless camera systems due to their light weight )when traveling) and smaller yet excellent lenses. He says, "I'm still learning with every photo I take!"

Examples of Chin Kit's work and his contact information can be found below.