Whether you are planning a guided or an unguided hunt (sometimes called "self-guided" or "do-it-yourself", or "DIY" hunts), you can find the information you need by starting with this page.

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Unguided Hunting in Alaska

Pulling off a successful unguided hunting trip in Alaska is a major accomplishment. Yes, Alaska is without question a hunter's paradise. But it's twice the size of Texas, with diverse ecosystems, entire mountain ranges, thousands of miles of rivers, and a huge variety of species, where do you begin? It's a good question.

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A guided hunt in Alaska is the quintessential North American hunting experience. You are hunting rugged, remote wilderness where the streams and lakes are clear and icy-cold, the mountains stand in sharp contrast against a blue sky and you have close encounters with wildlife that may have never seen a human before. You will be tested both physically and mentally, and you will surprise yourself as your mind and body rise to the challenges of the hunt, and you find yourself doing things you never thought possible. It's the stuff dreams are made of, and you will have stories to tell around the campfire for years to come.

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Making the Shot on Alaska Big Game

Take a walk outside on a clear, moonless night and look at the stars above. Contemplate the fact that, for at least as far as you can see, to the most distant pinpricks of light in the blackness of space, our planet is the only place where life has been verified to exist. So regardless of whether or not we discover life elsewhere at some time in the future, we can at least agree that life in the universe is a precious commodity. And taking the life of a creature is a really big deal. As a hunter, it is your responsibility to make quick, clean kills every time. That means that in most cases, you must have firm control over all possible aspects of making the shot.

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Fauna of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska Peninsula

1936-38, U.S. Dept. Interior, Fish & Wildlife Service, Washington. pg. 329  

by Olaus J. Murie (1959) 

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