Alaska Trip Planning Services

The door to Alaska is shut, but it's not locked. Allow us to open it for you. We offer a comprehensive consultation service to assist you in planning your Alaska hunt, fishing adventure, tour, or other kind of expedition to the remote reaches of the state. In a nutshell, we take you from where you are, to where you want to be. It all starts with a detailed over-the-phone interview that enables us to craft an experience that matches your skills, preferences, schedule and budget.


Super Cub on floats in Alaska

We have assisted Alaska adventurers since 1992 and have introduced literally thousands of travelers just like you to the magic of Alaska. Regardless of your expertise, the size of your group, your time frame, or your financial limitations, we can help you. Here's an overview:

Trip Timing

If you're hunting or fishing, timing is everything. We coach you through the optimal times to be in the field. 

Area Selection

Alaska is twice the size of Texas, with diverse ecosystems, entire mountain ranges, huge watersheds, and vast expanses of tundra. We help you sort it all out so you end up in a location that matches your expectations, skills, and budget.

Air Charter Selection

If your trip requires transport by single-engine light aircraft (as many do), we help you select a safe, reliable air transporter who will give you what you are looking for. We hook you up with some of the best in the business, not the ones you want to avoid.

Detailed, Customized Maps
personalized maps of Alaska

For float hunting trips or float fishing trips, we provide detailed USGS topo maps of the area, which are pre-marked with the best hunting and campingareas. This helps you avoid time-wasting delays in non-productive areas and concentrates your efforts in prime zones where you
 are more likely to encounter the fish and game species you are 
looking for.

Gear Consultation

We help you avoid bringing a mountain of things you don't need, while coaching you on gear that works in Alaska. We look at the equipment you already have and help you determine if it will work for you in the rugged conditions you find in Alaska.

Equipment Rental Arrangements

For many folks, hauling heavy boats and accessories all the way to the Alaska backcountry is impractical and expensive. We help you choose reliable rental services for rafting gear, camping equipment, satphones, and more, depending on your needs.

Local Purchase of Select Items

Some items such as stove fuel, stove lighters, bear spray and the like cannot be transported via air cargo to Alaska without great expense and hassle. Other items, such as salt for capes and hides (hunting trips), would be best purchased in Alaska, to avoid excess shipping charges. We work with you and can purchase these items locally and have them shipped to your air charter on your behalf.

Expediting / Shipping

We offer an expediting service whereby we purchase and ship your gear and supplies to your air charter on your behalf.
For hunters, we offer coaching on the best ways to get your meat and trophies home and in good shape.

Emergency Planning

Though rare, emergencies do happen on remote Alaska trips. We coach you through emergency planning, so you have solid arrangements in place, in the event that something goes wrong on your

Legal Issues

We go through the hunting or fishing regulations with you to ensure you don't run afoul of Alaska's complicated regulations.

Private Property Issues

Alaska has private property that is neither fenced or posted. We help you identify and avoid these private lands, or obtain the proper permits if necessary.

Ongoing Contact With Consultant

You have ongoing contact with us during the planning process, as often as you need. Once you are in our program, we work with you on future trips at no additional charge.

Contact Us!

If you could benefit from working with a local on your Alaska expedition trip, by all means call or email us and we'll get started! Our office number is 1 (907) 895-4919, or call Mike directly at 1 (907) 229-4501.