Our Mission

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite provides top-quality information about the Alaska outdoors. Since its beginning in 1996, it has become the world leader it its field, assisting millions of readers with information about recreational locations and activities available in Alaska, together with the equipment and skills needed to enjoy the Alaska outdoors.

Our site offers several very different venues that can communicate your message to targeted audiences. 

Our Venues

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite

Readers come to our main site for information unique to the different regions of Alaska, and specific outdoor recreational activities of interest. We cover the entire state, from the tip of the Southeast Panhandle to the Arctic coastline; the towns and villages, the rivers and the mountain ranges. Though our specialties are fishing and hunting, we also cover camping, hiking, boating, recreational cabins and many other activities of interest to the outdoors enthusiast. Our main site also provides details on the equipment needed for the various activities, product reviews, and instructional content designed to benefit both the newcomer and those with extensive outdoors experience. These pages provide ideal ad placement for companies that serve particular regions of the state, or that offer products or services centered around a specific outdoor activity.

The Alaska Outdoor Forums

People want to connect with others that share similar interests, and the Alaska outdoors is a huge draw for many. Our forum community is the largest of its kind on the Internet. We have over 85 forums on topics ranging from fishing to hunting, backcountry skiing, homesteading, flying and much more. The forum community comprises about half Alaska residents and half non-residents, which makes for an excellent mix for folks wanting to talk to Alaskans about Alaska. Discussions are in real-time, and include the ability for members to interact directly with each other. Our few forum rules pertain mostly to respecting each other in a family-friendly environment. If you want exposure to a very large, active community of outdoor enthusiasts, talk with us about our forums.

The Directory

We operate a very large directory of businesses that cater to the needs of the Alaska outdoor community. This makes it easy for members who are planning a trip, or who need for equipment or other services. The Directory is arranged by categories, with paid listings coming in at the top of each category. If you have a business focused on the Alaska outdoors, contact us for a free listing. If you prefer an actual web page on our site, with live links back to your site and your contact email, we'll set you up with a premium Directory listing.

Paid Membership

Our membership program provides several ways for advertisers to connect directly with our members through members-only forums, members-only discount programs and more.

Social Media

We have several social media venues and use them to promote our site, our advertisers and timely information of interest to Alaska outdoors enthusiasts.

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