Social Networking Sites and Blogs

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite has several social networking sites and blogs. The purpose of these venues is to provide our readers with current Alaska fishing and hunting news, and to allow folks to interact with us concerning the site itself. Here is an overview.


facebook iconOur Facebook Page

We use Facebook primarily to announce new developments on the site; updates, new pages or new sections, new forums and so forth. Occasionally we will use Facebook to remind our readers about important deadlines such as drawing permit hunt application deadlines or emergency orders by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. To keep abreast of new content and changes to the Alaska Outdoor Supersite, be sure to friend us on Facebook! CLICK HERE!

blogger iconAlaska Fishing News

Alaska Fishing News is one of our two blogs. We use it to keep members current on regulatory issues, fisheries issues and emergency orders. CLICK HERE!

blogger iconAlaska Hunting News

This is our second blog, and we use it primarily to keep hunters abreast of regulatory issues and emergency orders by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. We also use it to post on actions proposed to or taken by the Board of Game. CLICK HERE to follow us!

youtube iconYouTube

Our YouTube channel is "AKSupersite". Be sure to subscribe! We post all of our YouTube videos here, so if you are looking for something in particular that you've seen on our pages, you will find it here. Many of these videos are posted on specific pages on the site as well. CLICK HERE to subscribe!

Other Venues

You can also find us on Twitter and Google Plus, where we post snippets of news related to the site itself, our growth plans and new content as it is added.


Our Archives

Our Archives contain a listing of articles that appeared in the old Outdoors Directory Magazine in years past. These articles cover snowmachining / ATV riding, fishing, and hunting. Here's a list of our most popular archived articles, and links to each one.

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