Alaska Backcountry Emergencies

Alaska is a beautiful place, but it's also potentially dangerous. Many of our mountains are geologically "new", which means that the rock is often unstable and crumbling beneath your feet as you are climbing. Killer weather systems can move in overnight, trapping unprepared hikers in barren locations without shelter. The rivers are icy cold, and an unexpected capsizing is frequently a life-threatening situation. And the chances of a dangerous encounter with a bear lurks in the back of your mind.


U. S. Coast Guard helicopter in Seward, Alaska

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Alaska Wilderness Survival

It's been said that "adventure" is the result of a lack of planning. Any well-planned Alaska wilderness adventure includes provisions and preparations for emergency survival situations. Failure to include emergency preparation can result in serious injury or even death. Here are some general considerations whenever you plan your Alaska backcountry trip, whether you're heading to Prince William Sound on a weekend cruise, or flying deep into the interior on a two-week hunting expedition.

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