Alaska Outdoor University

Alaska Outdoors University screen shotThe Alaska Outdoors Supersite offers a collection of video material on a variety of topics. They are designed to teach readers proper field techniques and tactics for various outdoor activities in Alaska, to highlight certain locations around the state, and to provide reviews of various equipment useful for Alaska backcountry trips. We're just getting started on this, so visit this page often for updates on new sessions and new topics.

Alaska Hunt Planning Service

Michael Strahan does an in-field walk-through of our hunt planning service, which is designed to assist you with all aspects of planning your Alaska hunt.

Expedition Trips

: Mike Strahan shows how to save money and properly package your food and gear to protect it from the elements in a "Poor Man's Dry Bag".

Hunting: Float Hunter's Handbook Series

: Mike Strahan demonstrates basic tactics on the river in part 1 of a coming series on float hunting Alaska's wild rivers.

: Mike does a walk-through of the common types of Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) commonly shipped by hunters within Alaska, and how to deal with the myriad of shipping restrictions and fees.

: Mike conducts a walk-through of an actual camp kitchen, showing the proper gear and setup for an Alaska float hunter's river kitchen.

: Mike unpacks his meat and trophy care tools, explaining what he brings along on his guided hunts, where having the proper tools is essential to field processing client's meat and trophies in the field.

: A detailed review of the various kinds of game bags, including the new synthetics. Discusses the type and quantity of bags needed, and the pros and cons of synthetic and cotton bags.

: A review of the different types of stuff bags for your sleeping bags, including the difference between side-cinching or end-cinching compression bags and the advantages they offer.

Hunting: Trophy Care

: Mike Strahan demonstrates the proper first cuts for a moose shoulder mount in the field.

River Rafting

: Mike Strahan demonstrates basic terminology on river trips.

: Mike Strahan illustrates some general tips on oar selection for remote float trips.

Location Spotlight Series

Kodiak Island Fishing: A two-part series covering roadside, remote and saltwater fishing opportunities on Kodiak Island. Part one is a video tour taking you through a week-long trip one day at a time. Part two is a narrated slideshow presenting a walk-through of the trip details and logistics.

Product Reviews

: A review of a popular tent design from Eureka, along with practical field tips for this style of tent.

. A review of a popular quick-disconnect seating system for your inflatable raft, cataraft or boat.

. Not a product review per se, but an overview of the features you need to consider when purchasing a four-season mountaineering tent for use in Alaska.