GEAR REVIEW: Kuiu Super Down Insulating Layer

By Brian Mason

Over the past several years I have been increasingly reaching for outdoor clothing made of natural fibers. Like many other outdoorsmen, this transition began with merino wool socks, and eventually led me to favor wool for almost all of my layering needs. Still, like most others, I had long believed that synthetic insulation fibers continued to be the best choice for sleeping bags, jackets, or anything else that stood a reasonable chance of getting wet. For anyone who has hunted Alaska, it is a simple reality that it’s only a question of when a hunter will get wet, not if.

Kuiu Super Down Insulating Layer gear review

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GEAR REVIEW: Dachstein Woolwear Austrian Wool Clothing & Accessories

by Brian Mason

Like many Alaskan-born people of a certain age, I was raised on hand-me-down gear supplemented with my father’s poor fitting extras when necessary. The standards we’ve become accustomed to of gear that is dry, light, and comfy? Ha! Though I remember my childhood family adventures fondly, dry and comfortable were not apt words to describe it. Wet, clammy…and itchy, always itchy. My parents were firm believers in wool socks, much to my dismay. Wool of that era was certainly warm, but at the cost of discomfort that could rival the worst rash.

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GEAR REVIEW: Helly Hansen Impertech Raingear

Are you in the market for a really good set of rain gear for your Alaska trip? One of the best brands going is Helly Hansen. Impertech is the brand of choice for many fishing and hunting guides in Alaska. If it's tough enough for guiding, it's worth a look. 

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GEAR REVIEW: Carol Davis Sportswear

Had the opportunity to try out some great gear made by Carol Davis Sportwear.


The body sock made from Polartec fleece is so warm and comfy. My Son Zach and I took turns using the body sock for everything from ice fishing to bear hunting and it kept us warm and cozy. The body sock is also great as a layer under your waders to help keep off the chill from being in freezing water. I really enjoyed sleeping in the body sock, it makes great camping wear and the rear flap comes in handy to answer natures call.

Are you in the market for some killer long underwear? Here's a review by Steve Stidham, one of our forum moderators and a confessed gearhead, concerning his recent test of Carol Davis Sportswear. He ran the gear through its paces on a few winter and early spring outings in Alaska, and it came through with flying colors. 

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