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Our Archives contain a listing of articles that appeared in the old Outdoors Directory Magazine in years past. These articles cover snowmachining / ATV riding, fishing, and hunting. Here's a list of our most popular archived articles, and links to each one.


Snowmachine/ATV Stories

Tales from Arctic Man by Katie Johnson
Arctic Man is the ultimate winter "game". Droves of people come from all over the state to watch and participate in the event. This story details a weekend at the festivities.

Boating Stories

Winter Cruising "Alaska Style" by Ted Mattson
Southeast Alaska's inland waterways are the best kept secret for winter travel and exploration. Ted Mattson describes the days aboard the Skookumchuck with vivid detail.

Survival in Alaska Whitewater by Jeff Varvil
River rat and Alaska fishing guide, Jeff Varvil, takes you under the water in Class V rapids; learn some valuable safety tips from his experience.

Hypothermia, rhabdomyolysis, and near death on Beaver Creek by Lee Phillips
What was to be an epic solo 400 mile adventure turns bad in the first 10 miles -- what went wrong, but how pre-planning saved a life.

Alaska Roadside Family Rafting Opportunities by Jeff Varvil
Alaska's a great spot for wilderness rafting, with rivers for every skill level. Raft expert Jeff Varvil suggests some ideas.

Fishing Stories

Spring into Summer by Jeff Varvil
An overview of fishing hot spots across Alaska for rainbow trout, steelhead, halibut, and dolly varden.

Razor Clamming Alaska's Cook Inlet by Mari Reeves
A story about the first time experience catching and cleaning razor clams along the shores of the Kenai Peninsula

Salmon Fishing the Tsiu River by Jeff Varvil

Fly fishing the Tsiu River with friends, family, and clients as seen through the eyes of an experienced guide.

The Poor Man's Lobster of the Tanana Valley - Burbot by Nancy Sisinyak
Burbot fishing may be all you need to get through another long Alaska winter in Alaska's interior.

Sixth Sense: not just a movie by Jeff Varvil
Ever get that feeling like you're being watched in the woods? Varvil explores the possibility of a "sixth sense", and why we might want to pay close attention to it while afield in Alaska.

The Outdoors Alaska fisherman's cookbook The Fishing Forum participates asked for it! Check out their growing collection of terrific recipes.

Seward Saltwater Boating: Personal Notes From a Beginner by Douglas Ault
Saltwater fishing by boat in Alaska is associated with success and fun, however if it's your first time out there are some things you should know. Douglas Ault shares his adventures in this story from Seward.

The Aniak Float Fishing Trip from Hell: I Never Saw it Coming Humor by Jeff Varvil
Float fishing the Aniak should be pure pleasure. The company was great, but pleasure? Not this trip.

Alaska Halibut Fishing: Seward Style by Jim Durkin
Halibut Fishing in Alaska draws quite a crowd every season. Here, Durkin shares a halibut story from Seward.

World Class Fishing: THE KENAI by Jim Durkin
The Kenai River is one of Alaska’s premier sport fishing destinations. Durkin gives us the low down on locations, run times, and other important info.

Flowing Towards Heaven: Kings and Calm on the Aniak by Jeff Varvil
An experienced Alaska fisherman has seen many rivers, but keeps coming back to the Aniak.

Don't Drink the Water by Michael Strahan
You would think Alaska's water would be good to drink right out of the creek. Strahan says, "don't do it" and explains why.

The Shark: Alaska's Toughest Fish by Andy Mezirow
Fishing for Gulf of Alaska salmon is a saltwater fishing challenge. Experienced Seward Captain Andy Mezirow of Crackerjack Charters tells how it is done.

Pike Fishing Photo Story by David Johnson
Interior Alaska fishing guide Dane Hamilton's fishing camp on an Interior Alaska lake near Delta Junction produces some great fishing and some great memories.

Steelhead Fishing the Karluk on Kodiak Island by Steve Andresen, Port Lions Lodge
Here's a tale of fishing for the sought after steelhead with a couple of dedicated Brit anglers as told by Port Lions Lodge's Steve Andresen.

Pre-Taxidermy Field Care of Trophy Fish by Charlie Livingston
A nice fish mount takes more care than just throwing it in the cooler amongst the beverage cans and bean dip. Here an experienced Alaska taxidermist describes with humor how to do it and how not to do it.

Hunting Stories

A Flatlander's First Dall Sheep Hunt by Bob Lewis
A Mississippi hunter climbs through the Brooks Range hills and mountains and connects with a trophy Dall ram.

Family by Jeff Varvil

An Alaska hunter meditates about the importance of family and outdoor memories in the development of young people into mature, responsible adults.

Hunters? A biologist confronts the issue of slobs by Jack Whitman

An Alaska biologist comes face to face with slobs. We fail to act at our peril.

The Ancient Game of "Hunter and Hunted" by Marc Taylor

A story about the rhythm of life on Alaska's tundra at the heart of caribou migration.

You've Made It by Marc Taylor

After a hunter's nap.....

Monarch Buck by Jeff Varvil

Join Jeff Varvil as he hunts the elusive whitetail. A story of ethical hunting, including shot placement and tracking your animal.

Subsistence--Lessons from Canada by Patrick Valkenburg

Patrick Valkenburg addresses the issue of the future of subsistence in Alaska, providing insight and a warning to what racism has done to Canadian subsistence.

Calling North American Moose by Wayne Kubat

Information, techniques, and advice from a pro

A Man of the Mountains
 by Michael Strahan

An Alaska Dall sheep hunter's story.

Double Trouble by Tony Dingess

Sheep hunting in Alaska's Chugach range proves successful for this group of hunters

An Alaska Buffalo Hunt by Riley Woodford

Drawing a permit to hunt these historic animals may be like winning the lottery, but to stalk Alaska's free ranging bison may be just as hard.

A Look at the Black Bears of Kuiu Island by Riley Woodford

A project involving bear hunters, antibiotics and barbed wire has provided revealing insights into one of the world’s most dense populations of black bears, on Kuiu Island in Southeast Alaska.

Alaska's Trophy Blacktail Deer by Riley Woodford

Hunting Alaska's native deer in their coastal habitats. Here's a look at the basics on deer and deer hunting in Alaska.

Sealing the Deal by Marc Taylor

Hunting Hard in Alaska author Marc Taylor offers a philosophical look on a black bear hunt, excerpted from his second book in the Hunting Hard series.

A Float Hunter's Window by Larry Bartlett

How to locate, and work a "window" area on a hunt

Why Use Citric Acid on Game Meat
 by Larry Bartlett

Should you use citric acid when working with your game meat? Bartlett is an advocate.

Float Hunting Alaska by Jeff Varvil

A nine-year-old discovers moose hunting and Jeff Varvil tells you how you can roll your own Alaska float hunting trip.

To Tok or Not to Tok: An Alaskan becomes a sheep hunting addict by Jeff Varvil

On Alaskan talks another into a sheep hunt....and an addict is born

King of the Mountain: A high adrenaline Alaska brown bear hunt by Dane Hamilton

Alaska brown bear hunts are at least interesting. This one went way past interesting.

Alaska Wolf Control Works by David Johnson

Alaska still reverberates with impassioned discussion about whether to do wolf control. The reality is that it works.

The Goat Hunt from Hell by Jeff Varvil

Goat hunts can be strenuous and difficult at times, but this hunt set the outer limits for those adjectives.

Emergency Gear for Alaska Hunts by Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is an experienced Alaska guide. These are some thoughts on preparing for emergencies in the field.

Right Time, Wrong Bear by Tony Dingess

Appearances can be deceiving, as guide Tony Dingess and hunter Derek discover on an October Alaska Peninsula hunt

Moose & Caribou Drop Camp Journal by James MacMillan

Three friends travel to Alaska for an extended fly-in moose and caribou hunt. If you are considering a drop camp, this is a homespun story of what it was like for these three.

Hard Cast in the Casull by Tony Dingess

Alaska hunting guide Tony Dingess puts a handgun hunter on a big moose with heart-pounding results.

Gear for An Alaska Guided Hunt ~ A Client's Perspective by Jim Riley

Riley has been on enough Alaska hunts to develop a good understanding of what it takes to hunt in this wild country. He has some detailed suggestions on what to bring and where to get it.

Gunning for Greenheads in the New Millennium by Tom Rothe

Tom Rothe is Alaska's state waterfowl management coordinator and a widely experienced hunter.

Nunivak Musk Ox with Bow and Arrow by Chuck Eisenhower

Veteran Alaska guide Chuck Eisenhower won a permit to hunt musk ox at Nunivak Island. Chuck decided to hunt these ice age beasts with bow and arrow--a real challenge on this treeless island.

Giants of Last Day Lake by John Hutchins

A hunter describes his heart-pounding Alaska moose hunt at Last Day Lake with George Siavelis, who called his moose in from a distance using only his mouth.

A Week In Guide Camp by David Johnson

Webmaster David Johnson spent a week in the camps of some Alaska hunting guides. Here's the story.

A Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt by Johnnie Laird, Muskeg Excursions

Our guide friend Johnnie Laird keeps a running log of many of his hunts on his website. Here's another hunt; this one an August hunt for Southeast Alaska mountain goats.

Charlie's Brown Bear Hunt by Johnnie Laird, Muskeg Excursions

Guide Johnnie Laird hunts with a friend/client for big brown bear in the Mulchatna country in SW Alaska.

A Southeast Alaska Black Bear Hunt to Remember by Johnnie Laird, Muskeg Excursions

Southeast Alaska hunting guide Johnnie Laird used the internet to give a daily recounting of a May, 1999 Prince of Wales Island black bear hunt on his web site. This is a compilation of each of the daily web page entries.

Anchorage Residents Views on Wildlife and Hunting by David Fulton, ADF&G

If you are a hunter concerned about the image and support of hunting among the general public, you will be refreshed by some of the results of ADF&G's 1997 Anchorage wildlife and wildlife user survey.

Sheep Hunting: Why by Tony Russ

The author of the book Sheep Hunting in Alaska explains his perspective on Why Hunt Sheep. This is the first chapter of his exceptionally complete book on hunting Alaska's Dall sheep and is used here with his permission.

Black Bear Field Care Guide by Russell Knight

Here's how to take care of your black bear once it's down. This is from an innovative laminated field care guide produced by Alaska taxidermist Russ Knight of Knight's Taxidermy in Anchorage.

Making Your Best Shot Count by Alaska Dept. Fish and Game

ADF&G's Hunter Services Coordinator talks about sighting in your rifle and determining maximum ethical shooting distances. From the Alaska Hunting Bulletin.

Alaska Sheep Hunting by Chris Conway, Alaska FNAWS

Here are some tips from an active Alaska hunter on getting ready for sheep hunting.

Sheep Hunter Contributes >$150,000 for Alaska Sheep Management by Tony Russ

A hunter/conservationist recently contributed over $150,000 for Alaska Dall sheep management by purchasing the first Alaska auction sheep permit. Here's how it worked. Reprinted from the Alaska Hunting Bulletin.

First Trophy Moose for a Lady by Marilyn Kubat

Long an observer of trophy moose hunting, Alaska guide's wife Marilyn Kubat takes her own giant moose.

WA Chapter FNAWS - Banquet Auction Hunt - A Success by Jerry Terrell

Washington hunter/conservationist Jerry Terrell describes his Alaska Range sheep hunt that came out of the 1995 Washington state FNAWS chapter's banquet auction.

Care of Game Meat in the field by Doug Drum

Experienced Anchorage hunter and custom meat packing plant owner Doug Drum explains his approach to maintaining top meat quality in the field. 3/21/97

Alaska hunting bibliography- books and periodicals

Here's a long list of books about Alaska hunting, some with hyperlinks for easy ordering.