Section Advertising

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite is organized into several main sections, based on our state's geography, activities and special interests. Each of these sections contain many pages relating to to the theme of that section. For example, our "Places" section contains pages on the various regions of the state, together with geographical features, highway systems, towns and much more. We do this to help our readers quickly find what they need. The "Home Page" of each of these section receives most of the traffic, and ads placed here get a lot of visibility. Ads placed on the "inside" pages of each section receive highly targeted attention from readers.


Section Sponsor Ads

These ads appear on the "home" page of one of our sections. Simply choose the section where you want your ad to appear, and we will place it there for you. Our section home pages are directly linked from many other places on Outdoors Directory, giving these pages lots of traffic. Section Sponsor ads consist of a graphic ad measuring 300x250 pixels. We work with you to ensure your ad provides useful information for readers, while directing them to your business. If needed, we can construct your ad for you at no additional charge. The ad can include contact information, web address, email, etc.  

General Advertiser Ads

Each of our sections has pages focused on specific items unique to that section, such as locations, gear or activities related to that section. We regularly update these pages, and add new pages to our sections. Advertising on these pages gives you very focused advertising to specific customers who are interested in that particular topic. Advertising on these pages consists of a 300x250 pixel linked graphic ad on the right-hand side of the page. "Linked" means that if a customer clicks on your ad they go to your website or email address (whichever your prefer). In most cases we feature 3-5 ad zones on each page, with ads rotating with each page refresh or visit. "Rotating" means that your ad goes into a pool with ads from other businesses on that page, which are refreshed every time someone visits that page. If you don't have the artwork for the ad, we build it for you at no additional charge.