Alaska Outdoors Supersite Guide to Ad Sizes

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. We consider our ad customers a part of our family, and we work closely with each one to ensure optimal ad placement that puts your company on the best pages to generate the most action for your business.

Our Ad Sizes

For consistency, we mostly use standard Google ad sizes. Chances are, you already have some of these ads in your inventory, but if not, we will build your ads for you at no additional charge. Here are the standard sizes used on the Alaska Outdoors Supersite:

160x600 Skyscraper

The skyscraper ads go on the left-hand side of our main site pages, and they capture a lot of attention. We generally only allow one per page, on a first-come, first-served basis. On longer pages we may add more. Customers click on these ads and are taken to your website.

demo 160x600 ad

200x200 Square

The 200x200 square ad is the main type of ad used on our main site pages, and we offer placement on most pages. We offer multi-page discounts for this ad, for companies needing additional exposure to deep-level content to targeted audiences. These ads are usually placed in the right side of our pages.

 Customers click on these ads and are taken to your website.

Sample 200x200 ad

300x250 Square

On occasion, depending on the page, we offer limited placement of 300x250 square ads in the main content area of certain pages. Because these ads take a lot of screen real estate, we are conservative with page placement and frequency. These ads are used exclusively on our main site pages.

 Customers click on these ads and are taken to your website.

Sample 300x250 ad

Area Sponsor Ad

Our area sponsor program is very popular with some advertisers. An advertiser sponsors an entire area (section) of the site, and we offer featured ad placement in the main content area of the pages you are sponsoring. Your ad is placed toward the bottom of the page, where it is most likely to be read by your customers. The ad includes both text and graphics, for maximum impact. These ads are used exclusively on our main site pages.

Area SponsorClassic Alaska Charters Logo

Classic Alaska Charters offers excellent overnight custom cruises aboard the “Saltery C”, their fully-outfitted 40’ live-aboard Bayliner Explorer Motoryacht. Each trip is an adventure customized to your requirements. Meals prepared by the onboard chef are unequalled in the business, and include healthy entrees such as fresh Alaska seafood and delicious desserts. Activities include fishing (freshwater and saltwater), kayaking, wildlife viewing, photography, crabbing & shrimping, hiking and just relaxing along the spectacular waterways of Ketchikan, Prince of Wales Island and Misty Fjords National Monument.

CAC is a US Coast Guard certified & registered guide / outfitter with the US Forest Service and ADF&G. Adcanced booking required… 6-12 months in advance, at least! Ketchikan Alaska fishing with Captain Rob is a true wilderness experience! We also have our Federal Halibut Permit for 6 anglers. 

 Ad Placement

We offer ad placement in three areas of the site: 1) our main site pages, 2) our forums, and 3) our directory.  Let's look at each program.

1. Main Site Ad Placement

Most ads on the main site are placed on the right-hand side of the page. On occasion, by special arrangement, we may place ads in the main content area (center column) of the page. Area Sponsor ads always go in the main content area of our pages, and usually appear in multiple pages in a section.

2. Forum Ad Placement

We offer banner ads and forum sponsorships. Banners are placed in a special advertising section within the selected forum, and sponsor ads include a sponsorship link on the forum home page and an entire page inside the sponsored forum. This page may include text and graphics, and can be changed as often as you like. Some sponsors use forum sponsorship ads to announce special sales, closeout items, discounts and so on.

3. Directory Ads

We offer two types of Directory listings: Premium Listings and Free Listings. Free listings appear in alphabetical order, by category. If appropriate, a business may be listed in more than one category. Free listings do not contain clickable links to your website or email. Contact us if you'd like to be listed in our directory.

Premium Listings also appear in alphabetical order by category, however they come in above the free listings. Premium directory ads include the following:

  • Clickable email addresses and website addresses.
  • Photographs (up to five photos).
  • Complete description of your business.
  • Google map to your location (optional).

Premium listings allow our readers to interact directly with you from our site. We offer a premium directory listing for all of our forum sponsors.

Ad Campaigns Offered on the Alaska Outdoors Supersite

Area Sponsor

Area Sponsors get ad placement in the main content of the section of the site they choose. Some sections have more pages than others, so you will have more ads in those areas. 

Forum Sponsor

Forum sponsorship is a unique ad opportunity that allows you to interact directly with our forum membership. You can write to our members, promote your goods or services, and participate in discussions that feed business directly to you with no commissions involved. We allow up to two sponsors per forum. Our forum sponsors also receive a free premium listing in our directory.

Pay-Per-Call Program

Are you on a tight ad budget? Consider our pay-per-call program! We assign a toll-free number to your business, and we place that number on ads that are placed strategically on our site. We track the number of calls from our site to your business, and you only pay for potential customers who actually called you. Our job is to place the ads in top-performing locations on the site, and yours is to sell your goods or services to customers who call. Call charges vary, so check with us to set this up. The bottom line? You pay nothing until a customer calls you!

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program provides an opportunity for customers to see your ads on our site at no cost to you until an actual sale is generated. Rates vary, but we take the responsibility of placing your ads where they are going to earn the most revenue for you. The affiliate program is a great way to sell on our site at no cost to you until a sale is produced. You have direct access to the customer.