Adak Caribou Hunting

Hunting caribou on Adak Island combines the pursuit of one of North America's finest big-game trophies with one of the most unique hunting environments in the country. Adak caribou come from genetic stock that has the potential to produce huge antlers that would make the average hunter crazy with excitement. The island itself has no predators, so Adak caribou have little to do besides getting fat and growing huge antlers. To say that Adak caribou are unique is an understatement in the extreme.

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No other game animal in the United States captures the imagination of hunters like Dall sheep do. They live in some of the remotest locations in North America; places that demand the best from hunters in terms of physical conditioning, woodsmanship, and hunting savvy. And for hunters who pursue them, the price is more than worth it. They are the quintessential representation of everything that's wild.

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Elk Hunting in Alaska

Though not commonly known by some Alaska hunters, elk are found in huntable numbers in the state, a result of transplant efforts from Washington and Oregon. There is some fossil evidence that elk inhabited areas of interior Alaska during the Pleistocene Era. Those ancient elk are ancestors to our present day populations, and though they died out, it’s interesting to note that today’s stable, huntable populations are evidence that Alaska’s environment can still support elk.

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The Rocky Mountain Goat is a unique animal in mountain game. Not a true goat, it is actually a member of the antelope family. Sheep are flighty and likely to run at the first sign of trouble, but goats are more deliberate, relying on the protection of the steep terrain where they are usually found. This terrain, more often than not, is their primary protection from predators.

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Alaska Moose Hunting

Moose are the quintessential big-game animal of Alaska. Commonplace in the most urbanized areas of the state, they are accessible, relatively easy to hunt, and unique. To the trophy hunter, moose antlers are an imposing memento of a hunt, and the meat hunter will harvest enough meat from this animal to last a year or more.

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